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RRR! Reuse Recycle Repurpose

I went out thrifting yesterday with my two favorite Thrifters In Crime: my daughter and my cousin! We went to Savers, which I’ve heard so much about. Wasn’t impressed. Will not be returning, either. Their prices were way too high! 😁 So of course, we went to our local fave. And they were having 50% off all furniture!!! The price tag said $29.99, but at 50% off, it was $12.50!! I plan to paint it black. Pottery Barn style. I’ll have an update in a few days!




Thrifted Treasures!

There is a thrift store that is literally around the corner from my house. Good and bad. LOL Good for them & me, but bad for my pockets 😁😜 so yesterday, my niece scored big time! She found this ka-yute vest! It’s Ralph Lauren. $3!!!! Yep, it runs in the family!



Happy Thrifting!

Bonita 💋