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RRR! Reuse Recycle Repurpose

I went out thrifting yesterday with my two favorite Thrifters In Crime: my daughter and my cousin! We went to Savers, which I’ve heard so much about. Wasn’t impressed. Will not be returning, either. Their prices were way too high! 😁 So of course, we went to our local fave. And they were having 50% off all furniture!!! The price tag said $29.99, but at 50% off, it was $12.50!! I plan to paint it black. Pottery Barn style. I’ll have an update in a few days!




DIY $4 Jewelry/Makeup Holder

I have sooo many projects patiently waiting in my garage. Waiting to be sanded, primed, painted, glued, sewed, sawed, etc. ☺

So this weekend, I decided to start with the master bathroom. My goal is a spa like decor. And I have pretty much EVERYTHING around the house (which means digging through numerous storage bins in my garage) 😉. My kinda shopping: Free!

I found this tiered tray project on Pinterest, by dollarstorecrafts.com and I want to give credit to them. tiered tray

So I went to my local Dollar Tree, and bought these supplies

Price Breakdown:
$1.00- 4pk stove burner covers
$1.00- glue
$2.00- 2 glass candle holders
(I already had the spray paint and make up brush cup)
Here is my version!



<img src="https://sittingsippingsharing.files.wordpress.com/2013/06/20130624-184547.jpg" alt="20130624-184547.jpg" class="alignnone size-full" /

Bonita 💋

Frugal Find Friday!

Look what I found at my local Dollar Tree (Bay Area, California)!!! Solar Table Lamps!!! the best part is the on/off switch! This is waaaay cheaper if I tried to DIY them! Sometimes it’s cheaper to buy than DIY.

I ❤ the Dollar Tree! What have you found lately at your local Dollar Tree?

Bonita 💋

Trash to Treasure Parson Chairs

They are done! What do you think?



Reupholstering Parson Chairs!

So I was given 4 Parson chairs. Yep, my kinda price! FREE! They are the ugliest chairs I’ve seen since 1985, LOL. Padded, light stripes, padded, high rolled back, and did I mention the padding? Even the legs are PADDED! Jeez 😁


So, being the frugal gal that I am, I didn’t refuse something for free. And I certainly wasn’t going to pay to have them reupholstered. No, not me, Mrs. Bargain Bonita. I had my sons’ stack them against a wall in the garage. And they sat. And sat. For almost a year. On the rare occasion that I would have extra guests, I would have my sons’ trek them inside (after a semi dusting off), for extra seating.

Until Pinterest. I could hear the birds singing outside! I pinned and I pinned countless Parson chair makeovers. Some were painted (yes, you CAN paint fabric!), some were professionally reupholstered, but most were reupholstered by novice DIY’ers, just like me! So I started my research. Everybody knows that I am queen of research. I will not buy anything or begin any project until I have researched until I can’t research anymore.

Then began my hunt for fabric.

Skip to 3 months later. Still no fabric that made my heart sing. Until one day, while browsing in my fave store (besides dollar stores & thrifts stores), Target. This shower curtain caught my eye.


My heart started singing. 🙏Between the bath mats and towels. Oh, here is my “fabric”!

Who said a shower curtain was only for keeping water off the bathroom floor? Watch what I do with this awesome 72″x72″ piece of fabulous “fabric”!

Stay tuned!



$2 DIY Sandals!

Pinterest. Is. My. Addiction. Okay, so now I said it. Is there a Pinterest Rehab for me? No? Well, then I guess I’ll continue to keep pinning! LOL 😜😝

Here’s my latest Pinterest inspired project. Repurposing some old, cheap, flip flops from Old Navy. I bought 2 scarves from my local 99cent Store & More. Yep, $1.98 for both ☺happy happy joy joy!

Flip Flops: FREE (4 yrs old)
(2) Scarves: $1.98

1. Fold scarf in half, long lengthwise.
2. Loop folded scarf through flip flops toe opening, to form a knot.
3. Begin wrapping one side of scarf around rubber part that will be on foot. D,the same to the other side.
4. Make a small knot on wrapped sides to prevent scarf from unraveling.
You are done! Try on your new scarf/ankle wrap sandals!

Enjoy! Bonita 💋