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Where’s the beef!

“Mom”, “what’s for dinner? These four words have the ability to strike terror into the hearts of every working woman I know, even those of us self-proclaimed kitchen lovers. Coming up with new ways of inventing chicken, pork, beef, and seafood is a daunting task particularly when coupled with time restraints. It’s especially difficult when you have children with discerning taste.

After a loooooong 8 hour work day, the professional mom must then go home and prepare a meal for her expectant family. This on top of kids’ sports, tutoring, homework, cleaning, and other duties as necessary can make for a tiring evening. How do we combat this issue of the evening meal in a quick and efficient manner?

The Martha Stewarts of the world would have you believe that time management and precise weekly or even monthly meal planning are the way to go. That’s fine and dandy if you are of the Stepford Wife variety. For those of us living off the cuff in this busy, go-go-go, non-stop world of mothering, planning is sometimes more energy than we can muster prior to passing out for the night. To deal with the chaos of this lifestyle, I have learned a few easy to manage steps that have saved many a late dinner night.

1) There is nothing wrong with hot dogs 2 – 3 times a week
2) McDonald’s $1 menu is user friendly
3) Dessert night is popular with the little people
4) Go for what you know = figure it out yourself and don’t bother me
5) Top Ramen – this generation believes it to be a delicacy
6) Since breakfast is the most important meal of the day, cereal is a wonderful dinner substitute
7) Stay at home moms make the best neighbors
8) There are a variety of frozen meals goodies that can be purchased ahead of time and stored
9) Eat out every night
10)And my personal favorite, swallow air and chase it with water

Of course I’m joking! If I had a real answer to this age old question; I’d be rich and famous. The key to success is to do what works within the walls of your own home. Don’t let the June Cleaver days of old or the over-achiever moms of current day, rain on your parade. The recipe to great family dinners is a lot of family love; a heap of understanding; a smidgen of cooking ability; tons of patience; and an ounce of time. The kids will enjoy any meal sitting down with parents who take the time to communicate and spend time with them. Enjoy!



Blessed with a Blessing

Ever think about how innocent and trusting your child/ren are? I was lying down and my 1 year old son was asleep on my shoulder. I watched each breath he took and his closed lips as he slept in my arms without a care in the world. He trusts me and somewhere within him, he knows that I am going to do the right thing for him and make the right choices for him.

Children go where we take them, stay where we leave them, eat and drink what we give them, and do what we tell them to do (for the most part). So, I encourage you to lead your children in the right direction because they depend on us. God has blessed you and entrusted you with their lives, so be a good example for them and treat them like the perfection that they are. Do not strip them of their innocence. Love them unconditionally. Our children are our future and they represent everything that we are and aspire to be.

~ Shantrell ~