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Let’s Get ‘Er Done!

Today marks the first day of SSS eat right, drink (water) like a fish, and work out often, plan of fat attack. A week ago, I had an epiphany – I AM FAT! And being overweight is not a life sentence. In order to assure early parole from this jail of extra weight; I have come up with a plan. And yes, I have had plans in the past and am aware that my chances of success are slim to none. Joke intended.

However, as my 39th birthday looms on the horizon and my 40th, not far behind; I realize that time is not on my side and I need to get my A** in gear. I penned my attack plan, joined the gym near my house, and brought my walking shoes to work. I am serious and like every serious dieter, I am afraid; afraid of giving in to my love of M&Ms, cake, sweet tea, and carbs. I pray my determination outweighs my greed this time around and have built a Teflon suit of armor (surrounding myself with like-minded folks).

The SSS plan:
Eating every two – three hours up to six times daily and eating no later than 9pm
Drinking half my body weight in water daily (to the bathroom I go every 4 sec)
Some form of exercise daily (weight-training, water aerobics, squats, push-ups, etc.)
20 minute walks twice daily at work
No sugar (shaking like a crack head)
No dairy
No processed foods
No soda or tea
Weigh-in every Monday
Food diary

The plan is still a work in progress as is my body, but so far so good. Day one is breezing by. I did miss my morning cup of cream and sugar with a lil coffee, but I trooped through. Let’s hope today’s tenacity extends through-out this month. Will keep you updated.


Fruited Water

I know you’ve seen the tons of recipes around the ‘net, to make fruited water. I won’t bore you with a detailed tutorial. But, I’ll tell you what I used.

Ingredients: 10 strawberries, 1/2 orange, 2 limes, 1 lemon, 15 raspberries, 20 red grapes, a few mint leaves (mint is soooo strong)

Directions: Thinly slice all fruit. Put citrus in bottom of a gallon size pitcher. Mash citrus to release juices. Add remaining fruit. Fill pitcher with water, add ice. Let sit for 30 min to infuse all fruits. Add mint leaves and serve over more ice. Enjoy!




Blessed with a Blessing

Ever think about how innocent and trusting your child/ren are? I was lying down and my 1 year old son was asleep on my shoulder. I watched each breath he took and his closed lips as he slept in my arms without a care in the world. He trusts me and somewhere within him, he knows that I am going to do the right thing for him and make the right choices for him.

Children go where we take them, stay where we leave them, eat and drink what we give them, and do what we tell them to do (for the most part). So, I encourage you to lead your children in the right direction because they depend on us. God has blessed you and entrusted you with their lives, so be a good example for them and treat them like the perfection that they are. Do not strip them of their innocence. Love them unconditionally. Our children are our future and they represent everything that we are and aspire to be.

~ Shantrell ~