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Intervention Needed, PLEASE!

Everyone who knows me understands that I am an addict. I sweat profusely when my addiction comes to mind; my hands begin to itch and my feet get restless. This is a daily occurrence. Try as I might, I am unable to release my demons. My life and bank account are at war with my need to feed my unhealthy desire.
I…………am……………addicted………………………Safeway. Yes, I said it. I have a love / hate relationship with my local grocery store. I am there daily. My day is not complete unless I have stopped by to pick something / anything up from my favorite haunt. Have you been? The lighting, the smells, the perfectly stocked shelves – it is all so inviting and it warms my soul to peruse the aisles looking for food treasures.
It began back when I was a wee child and my mother who passed this addiction to me; would leave my two little sisters and I in the car while she ran in. We would sit in the car and imagine the fun she was having whilst we were wilting away in the miserable, stuffy old car. Occasionally she would allow us the pleasure of walking in and shopping with her. And oh the fun we had! I’d push my sisters around in the cart as my mother expertly picked up items and dropped them into the basket. We would daydream of the meals she would cook using the foods she bought and our mouths would water.
As we walked the aisles, we would taste the grapes, visit the Brach’s section and fill our candy bags full of the variety of sweets. On good days, our mother would allow us to open a canister of chips and munch away as she shopped for what seemed like hours. This was our Disneyland; our wondrous place of enjoyment and quality time with our mother. Who could ask for anything better?
Well, my bank account is demanding better. I am in need of intense therapy and a food shopping addiction group. I cannot afford to continue down this disastrous road of daily grocery store trips. I must also put an end to my addiction before it consumes my children as well. My two youngest boys pine for the trips to Safeway, just as I did at their age. I see their pleading eyes and I’m reminded of my addictions early beginning.
Starting today….well maybe next payday or sometime in the near future, I am going to budget and plan out my shopping trips. I will limit myself to two Safeway visits per month. This is doable and I will succeed! I must succeed! Though the journey may be long and arduous, the promise land is in sight and extra dollars in my bank account will be my reward. I will keep you abreast of my travels down the 10-step road to recovery.