About Us

Hello and thanks so much for stopping by! This blog was created by 3 women, that became very good friends. We bonded sipping our morning coffee or tea, while sharing the highs, lows, and woes of work, kids, recipes, home improvement, home budgeting, traveling and even our men!

We hope that you enjoy reading (and hopefully subscribing!) to our blog. Sit back, sip on your favorite beverage, and enjoy all that we have to share.



I am wife – Married for 12yrs + courting and baby making for 8 = 20 years of relationship.
I am mother – I have four boys, ages 16, 14, 12, and 9. No, I don’t have a girl, but I tried four times.
I am Poseh – My family is my life. I was born to be a wife and mom. I love everything that comes with those two titles. But I also love being me and that includes keeping my interest alive. I looooooove to read; I dibble in writing; cooking is my passion; I swim like a fish; I love a good adventure: restaurants, travel, and new experiences.
I am 38 years old…on the verge of 40. I am the first born daughter of three girls to parents from diverse backgrounds. My mom is from Sierra Leone, West Africa and my dad from Broken Bow Oklahoma. You don’t live with these cultural differences and escape without some eccentricities and eclectic characteristics. I have a gung ho attitude mixed with a healthy dose of caution. I am open-minded and not afraid to share my version of events.
I am Virgo, hear me roar!



I am a 40 year old wife, mom, MiMi (grandmother, lol), chef, maid, chauffeur, nurse, and doctor. Those are my jobs that are pro bono. My paying, full time job is an Eligibility Specialist for our local County, issuing public assistance benefits. Whew! Yeah, I know, I really am a busy woman!

But I am NOT too busy for my other passions in life: DIY projects, Fashion & Hair, and acquiring all of it for cheap! I love to challenge myself on recreating high end spaces on a low end budget. I’ll show you how I am able to mix high end garment pieces (that I scored for a bargain price!) with a low end piece, and make it all work! And hair?! OMG! I love me some hurrrrr! The longer the better! LOL. Yes, I love me some weave, but I REFUSE to pay a weave installation price!

My family affectionately calls me, Bargain Bonita. I’ll take it. I have no problem asking for a discount or breaking out a coupon. Yep, that’s me: Bargain Bonita



I am “Jack of all Trades” and “Master of Some”; that’s me, the aspiring Dr. Watson. I am a mother, companion, student, tax preparer, accountant, singer, songwriter, and business owner. I am constantly thinking of ways to reinvent myself and planning how to implement those changes.

They call me Hustle Mania because everything is a business venture to me. Allow me to help you discover what you can do to make an extra dollar and improve your financial situation.

In my 38 years, I have learned enough about myself and others to have a unique and compelling view point that I am more than willing to share.

My contribution to this blog will explore my views on parenting, finances, planning, and introduce you to a world of wining and dining.



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