If I were shopping…

But I’m not. I put myself on shopping fast. For 2 weeks. It’s a start. I plan to do a 30 day shopping fast in August.

This shoe is hot! I love a cute wedge and an Espadrille. This is a two-fer! The bad? They only have sizes 9, 12, & 13 in stock. I wear a 7 in Torrid shoes 😒😞😢


Torrid’s jeans have the best fit for curvy girls, like me. Luv them! Especially when they are on sale, as is the case of this pair. $48.50. Yayyy! Oh, wait. They don’t have my size in these, either. Available sizes are 12, 14, & 16. Umm, yeah. These 55″ hips won’t be squeezing in those, lol.

20130617-142301.jpg http://www.torrid.com/torrid/Sale/10OffSelectDenim/Torrid+Denim+-+Skinny+Sophia+Jegging+Short-586665.jsp


This orange dolman top would have been cute to add to my closet. It’s $28.50. And my size IS available. But I can’t justify getting in my car, driving the 7miles to the mall, finding a park, walking through the mall to get to Torrid, just for this top. Nope.

Yayyyy, me! I love online window shopping.




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